Microsoft to Battle iPhone

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Microsoft Corp. has struggled for the past two years in the mobile-phone market. But CEO Steve Ballmer says his company finally has a compelling story.

On Oct. 11, Microsoft and its partners plan to announce the initial wave of handsets that will use Windows Phone 7, a thoroughly overhauled version of the company’s cellphone operating system. Mr. Ballmer believes the software will compete more effectively against Apple Inc.’s iPhone and Google Inc.’s Android operating system.

Microsoft has gotten more aggressive against Android in other ways. The company filed a lawsuit Friday against Motorola Inc., alleging the handset maker is infringing Microsoft patents in its Android phones. Motorola vowed to fight the suit.

Microsoft hopes the new phones based on its software erase the memories of missteps like Kin, a Microsoft-designed phone (based on different software) that was pulled from the market earlier this year after only two months. Microsoft’s board docked Mr. Ballmer’s bonus for the last fiscal year in part because of those missteps, the company disclosed last week in a regulatory filing.

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A lot is riding on the new software. Mr. Ballmer is under pressure from investors to show Microsoft’s bets in new high-growth markets like mobile can pay off. In an interview, conducted before Microsoft sued Motorola (and before Microsoft disclosed Mr. Ballmer’s compensation for last year), he talked about how Microsoft plans to profit in the mobile market and the challenges of improving its share of the business. He also defended the traditional computer, and said he sees plenty of demand in the future for both for small- and larger-sized PC devices.

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What’s in the company cars logo?

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Did a wallpaper pattern in a Paris hotel room inspire the famous Chevrolet Bowtie emblem? Does the blue and white BMW roundel really symbolize a propeller and sky? And was the Porsche logo first sketched on a napkin in a New York City restaurant? In the world of automobile logos, truth can be stranger than fiction—though a good story can go a long way toward embellishing a brand’s corporate identity.

From Ferrari’s Prancing Horse to Cadillac’s crest, automobile logos appear on everything from steering wheel hubs to giant billboards, and even the lapel pins on the suits of company executives. This kind of flexibility is one of the design elements needed for an effective and strong logo, says Jack Gernsheimer, Creative Director of Partners Design Inc. and author of Designing Logos: The Process of Creating Symbols that Endure.

With over 40 years of advertising experience and more than 500 logos to his credit, Mr. Gernsheimer believes it’s essential to look long-term and to keep things simple when designing a logo. “Not getting too trendy with the type or color” is vital, he says. “When you design a logo, ideally it should endure for decades.” For many automakers, the roots of their logos stretch back over a century and contain enough symbolism and intrigue to fill a Dan Brown novel.

Automotive Pioneers

Rolls Royce Logo

Tragedy plays a role in a popular myth surrounding the famous intertwined double-R logo of British luxury automaker Rolls-Royce. The company’s founders, Sir Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls, originally used red lettering for the emblem that combined the first initial of their last names. Legend has it the color was changed, from red to black, in a mark of respect after the death of Sir Henry Royce in 1933. In reality, black lettering was simply considered more becoming of a prestigious luxury car. The timing of the color change was pure chance.

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As Sweet as Sugar!

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I feel so tired and my back always hurts… thats what i feel everyday, i don’t know if I am just tired or something. Every morning when I wake up, I feel so heavy don’t even want to get off my bed.. I wanted to sleep more…

I always set my alarm clock at 7:15 AM because I to work at 8 AM, after my phone alarms, I keep on extending my sleep until 7:30… It’s a morning sickness i guess… Still, I feel so tired… Am I sick or something?

What I know is that, I have a high sugar level, the last time I checked on it was it is at 273! which is beyond the normal.. the normal for the strip is at 100 to 149 only and I almost double it! I guess this is one reason why i always feel that way… How did I get it? well, its maybe because of how I eat! I love to eat anything! My mom always tells me to control the food that I eat, why? because she is DIABETIC! yes, its in our blood. Now I am really afraid that this would get worst, I dont want to be injecting insulins in my body…. I dont want to be in that situation that my would will be healing so long..

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Leonardo da Vinci’s dream finally came TRUE!

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A Canadian university student has done what Leonardo da Vinci had only dreamt of: Piloted a human-powered “wing-flapping” plane! Called an ornithopter, and the inspiration for modern day helicopters, the machine was first sketched by da Vinci way back in 1485 and never actually built.

Todd Reichert, an engineering student at the University of Toronto, made history by sustaining flight in his ornithopter — named Snowbird — for 19.3 seconds and covering 475.72 feet. Snowbird is made from carbon fiber, balsa wood, and foam. The 92.59 pound vehicle maintained an average speed of 15.91 miles per hour.

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Philippines: A call for war?

September 27, 2010 1 comment

I bet it was really an honest mistake, but they should have been more critical on the  possible mistakes that could happen. This is not just a simple event but, it’s a meeting between country leaders. Notice the Philippine flag was displayed upside down behind President Benigno Aquino III when leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations met Obama in New York on Friday.

The US government said that it was an honest mistake and is sorry for what had happened. The Philippine Government had accepted and said it was really an honest to goodness mistake.

Hopefully people will not create a big commotion out of this and again spread negative insights and opinions about it.

Charice Pempengco: Her Challenge!

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This isn’t so much about Charice Pempengco herself, as it is about an audience in this country that’s overly critical of her by default, that obviously doesn’t care much for her. And it has to be said that it’s class, social and otherwise, that allows for this double standard when it comes to national pride, which disallows Charice from being properly celebrated as a high point in Philippine popular culture history.

Even when she’s had the song “Pyramid” on the Billboard charts for a while now. Behind her she’s got David Foster, American icon, music producer and star, who has put her onstage with international superstars. She has Oprah Winfrey as manager and modern fairy godmother. She’s got Hollywood contracts for singing and acting, has done duets with Celine Dion and Andreas Bocelli, and will be in the second season of Glee.

You’d have to be in denial to think all these to be unimportant; you’d be wrong to think that just because there’s little of Charice on TV and in the papers, she isn’t as big a star as Oprah imagines. Because whether we like it or not, Charice’s international stardom doesn’t seem like a one-time deal. In fact, it looks like she’s in it for the long haul. The world has got Charice Mania to prove it. It’s also a response to you, critical Pinoy non-fan.

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Lady Gaga supports Military Gay

September 21, 2010 1 comment

Pop sensation Lady Gaga threw the full weight of her stardom Monday behind efforts to repeal a US ban on gays serving openly in the military, decrying it as “against all that we stand for as Americans.”

She electrified a crowd of several hundred in a park in the northeast US state of Maine, home to two Republican senators who Lady Gaga and other gay rights activists hope will break with their party and support ending the ban.

The openly bisexual singer—an icon in the gay community—has urged senators to vote to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” a law that requires gay military personnel to hide their sexual orientation or face dismissal.

“Equality is the prime rib of America,” she told the crowd. “But because I’m gay I don’t get to enjoy the greatest cut of meat my country has to offer.”

She appeared to be alluding to the explosively controversial “meat dress” that she wore to the MTV Music Awards earlier this month—a provocation she seemed to confirm was an effort to draw attention to the inequality of the 1993 rule that requires gays to disclose their sexual orientation or face dismissal.

“I’m here because ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is wrong, it’s unjust, and fundamentally it is against all that we stand for as Americans,” she said to rapturous applause.

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