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Reasons to create

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, commentaries, critics, appreciation, posting of events and many more. If you are a reader of  a blog for the first time, you will definitely find it boring and would be thinking, why does these people waste their time creating these kind of crap? Sorry for the wording but let’s face it, these are what majority of them thinks! Admittedly, I have the same reason before.

As I read along and search more blogs on the internet, I found out that people merely want to make blog to express and show to people that they have a voice and they wanted to share their views, opinions, feelings and desires. They wanted to be free, they wanted to be part of something small or something big, they wanted to be a part of the community, they wanted to be a part of something which is beneficial to them and to the community, they wanted to have power even on just a private blog, a power to some what they are in control. There are a lot of reasons, a lot of purpose why a certain individual creates his or her own blog.

I myself wanted to have one simply to express my inner self, my opinions, my desires and to help people even in a simple way. This might be too general for now, but you will soon understand as time goes and as I update this blog

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