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Pinay Scandal – Pinay Sex Scandal – Pinay Celebrity Scandal

I have been looking for articles on-line that I could read on to, from the topics, celebrity, politics, business and recent articles, and I always find an article regarding the recent video scandal of Hayden koh and Katrina Halili. The issue has been more than 1 year already and the issue has not ended yet! When the issue came out, more and more sex videos are being uploaded on the internet involving not only the celebrities but also the majority of the Filipino citizens, from north to south and from east to west!

It is already alarming that people are enjoying these kinds of videos and even promotes it to their respective friends and “barkadas” to witness how great the video was! Some downloads the video for their collection and some for their own self….. loving… or I should say Pleasure.

Some political are already proposing to put into law regarding the sex videos being filmed and being uploaded in the internet. Would the bill really stop these things? Honestly speaking, I don’t think so!

Filipinos are being known because of these videos… I wouldn’t be hypocrite and say that I haven’t  watched any scandals yet specifically a scandal in the Philippines because I already did, but try to think of it, yes it is really entertaining and would definitely excite you! but come on, these people being filmed are being disrespected already… Let’s just try to stop it guys….

Why is it that these horny people are becoming stupid when they are already in the act of doing it? Hayayay!

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