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Is anyone there reading my blog?

I wonder if someone out there is actually reading my blog, well, I started making this blog not to be known but just for my personal diary and commentaries on anything that would interest me. A lot of bloggers are getting popular, I wonder why? Is it because they have a lot of friends? Is it because their blogs are submitted to search engines? or is it because they have a good quality content and interesting topics? or all of the above?

I know different people have a different purpose why they have their own blog… Some bloggers are getting rich because of advertisements, clicks on ads and many more.

I am just thinking, would I get popular too? this blog that I am doing? is it worth continuing? If my only purpose is for my personal consumption then I guess I have to continue and make my own history. I have to be serious on this as I always ask myself on what should I be doing on my spare time as I am not used to staring at something and not doing anything. I am thinking of going to the gym and tone my body and also for health reason of course but I am too lazy to move and sweat! haha! Lazy me huh? Though I am still considering doing that activity!

Stocked in the office and working all day is really boring and intellectually deteriorating too! I need to exercise my brains by thinking, reading and expressing the thoughts that I have… This would be my assignment starting today! Think think think and think! Exercising my mind… I feel so dumb since I started working. Doing this blog will be the start! Need to sharpen my mind again! 🙂

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