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Battleground : Mobile Internet for 8 Billion Subscribers

Tech giants bet that the next battleground for Internet consumption would be on mobile.

As of May 2010, network and communications company Ericsson has seen its mobile subscriptions pass 5 billion worldwide.

By 2015, the Sweden-based company expects to see 8 billion mobile subscribers in the world, according to Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg said during his visit in the Philippines.

In Asia Pacific, Filipino users are slowly using mobile internet.

According to the 2010 Net Index study by Yahoo! and Nielsen, about 5 percent of the mobile users access the Internet through their mobile phones. Also, about 40 percent of these mobile users plan to access the Internet. The bulk of mobile Internet applications being used are instant messaging, email and text messaging.

With the recent emergence of social networking services, the Ericsson executive sees mobile Internet playing a more crucial role. “The adoption is so high for using the phone as something more than only talk,” Vestberg added.

One of the challenges facing the Philippines, however, is that it is an archipelago.

“In Philippines specifically, we have done more than 5 thousand kilometers of fiber cable deployment in the last 12 years. All of the islands can be connected using micro and radio technology,” Rajendra Pangrekar, Ericsson Philippines Country Manager, said.

Ericsson noted that by 2020, they would have 50 billion connected devices. This means that any gadget that has Internet capability would be connected to a network.

Vestberg added, “600 million people today now have broadband. In 2015, our forecast is we’re going to have 3.5 billion people having broadband. The majority of that population will have it on mobility.”

He also stressed that broadband connections in the Asia Pacific region would likely be mobile.

Source: Yahoo News

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