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Top 100 Global Brands! Coke still at No. 1

Brand consultant Interbrand is out with its annual top 100 “Best Global Brands” ranking, with Coca-Cola topping the list for the eleventh straight year.

“They are ruthlessly consistent in the way they deliver their brand,” says Jez Frampton, group CEO at Interbrand. “They are a fantastic case study about how to do it properly. ”

On the other hand, BP could be a case study in what not to do when it comes to managing a brand. In the wake of the Gulf spill, BP fell out of the top 100 rankings after being on the list for nine years.”.

“We all know how they handled the tactical issues around the spill itself. What they really haven’t given us is a clear view to where BP is going in the longer term,” Frampton says. “How would you feel right now as a BP employee? Companies are only as good as the people that work for them. Giving a clear vision to people inside and out is very important to them right now.”

In contrast to BP, Toyota was able to better manage its recall scandal, he notes, although the carmaker did drop to number 11 in the rankings vs. number 8 in 2009. (Click here for information on Interbrand’s methodology.)

The Top 10                (value in millions)                

1. Coca-Cola                                 $70,452

2. IBM                                          $64,727

3. Microsoft                                   $60,895

4. Google                                      $43,557

5. GE                                            $42,808

6. McDonald’s                                $33,578

7. Intel                                          $32,015

8.  Nokia                                       $29,495

9. Disney                                       $28,731

10. H-P                                          $26,867

In the accompanying clip, Frampton and I discuss these and other trends in the brand ranking, including:

Tech Rules: Technology firms — IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Nokia and HP — comprise six of the top 10 global brands. Apple is “only” number 17, which seems low given its mindshare (and growing market share). But Apple is the “fastest-grower in terms of brand value” among the Top 100 firms, and should continue to rise in the years ahead, Frampton predicts; barring any issues with iconic CEO Steve Jobs, that is.  Yahoo! made the list at No. 66, ahead of names like Porsche and Gap.

Financial Follies: The credit crisis and its aftermath — big bailouts and big bonuses — did great damage to the brand value of firms like Citigroup and UBS, Frampton says. Amazingly, Goldman Sachs’ actually moved up in the top 100 rankings (to number 37 vs. 38 in 2009) despite all the negative press it received last year. “Brands take time to react,” Frampton says. “This has certainly affected Goldman’s reputation and its brand. How this plays out in the future will depend largely on them. They have an opportunity to take a much stronger lead in the rebuilding of the financial services market.”

Watch the accompanying video for Frampton’s predictions on which emerging market-based companies are most likely to make the list in the future, how HP’s brand looks after the scandalous departure of Mark Hurd and which company was the biggest surprise in this year’s top 100.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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