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You’re wish will come True if…

How many of you wished for something and so eager to have it come true? How many of you continues to wish for something repeatedly until it happens? How many of you made a wish on a shooting star? How many of you flipped a coin on a well and made his or her wish?

When I was a child, I love to wish, I love to stop by on all the places where I could make a wish, from wishing wells to chicken bones, I love to wish! because it’s free! but would it really happen? will it really come true? all our wishes?

Wishes are like dreams, we wanted our wishes to happen, good things to be specific, I know you don’t want to wish something which is bad for yourself, unless you are hating someone who you are wishing negative things for that person.

Your intelect power, desire and your will power is connected to the supernaturals and the spirits who lives in this world. You have to believe and you have to move if you wanted youre wish to come true, some of you might probably do not belive in such things as supernatural powers or some enchanted things happening around you. If you do not, then why do you wish and why do you pray? This is a good example of you connecting to the UNSEEN.

You’re mind should be CLEAR on what you are wishing for, you should know what you are really wishing for, it should be in your mind and in your heart, you should have the desire and the passion for it! If these are clear, then you have a direction to make, you have to move now and start persuing your dreams! You have to MOVE!

I wanted to make my wish come true, and so do you! here are some guidelines that could probably help you keep track on your wishes or your dreams.

  1. Get an illustration board or any card board where you could place your dreams on it.
  2. Cut out some pictures which could represent your dreams or wishes.
  3. Paste them on your card board.
  4. After doing that, place it in your wall, the most visible part of your house where you could see it every single day.
  5. Focus on your dreams and review them everyday.
  6. Know your priorities and which one is the easiest way to achieve, or start with one of your wishes that could probably help you achieve the next one.
  7. Place a check mark on every wish which is achieved.

This will really take time and this needs a lot of PATIENCE! Sonner or later I assure you, you’re wish will come true!

Good Luck!!

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